Meteor: data not correctly published after collection updated on server side.

I have experienced a strange behavior with Meteor publish lately.
This was due to package vue:vue (

Problem: why my data disappeared ?

Collection on client side was correct, with the expected data, until it was updated on server side.
Updating the collection from client side was working fine.

Problem occurred when the data was updated form another client (or updated on server side directly in mongo for testing purpose).
In that case, the collection on client side was updated with the _id only. The rest of the data was removed.

Example: how it looks like

at launch, verify collection content in web console:

> Test.find().fetch()

  '_id' : 'rFnC7ZpBjwAyCY4yE',
  'name' : 'test'

updating document in mongo:

meteor:PRIMARY> test.update({ '_id': 'rFnC7ZpBjwAyCY4yE'}, {'name': 'updating'});

checking back in the console the publish result:

> Test.find().fetch()

{ '_id' : 'rFnC7ZpBjwAyCY4yE' }


This was not a fresh meteor project but an already started project I was taking on.
In order to figure out what was that problem I did not encountered yet in the past, I started by removing packages reference one by one.
And finally found that vue:vue was the bad guy ;)